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If a guy had to describe you by a color, would it be agreeable grey? If so you are in trouble. In other words, if you are extremely agreeable and pride yourself on just going with the flow no matter what, odds are you will have a lot of friends. But you will also be running the risk of blending in with the background every time a Christian guy comes into your life that you wish would ask you out.

While an overly sassy, opinionated, man-hating type of woman will certainly keep guys from approaching, a woman who is too agreeable will also have very few men asking her out. What I am saying is that guys need to see your personality before they will like you and ask you out. Being easygoing is a positive, just make sure you express yourself enough so people can actually get to know the real you, your likes and dislikes, and what you believe about important topics.

Before you call me a chauvinist pig, just know I would give this same advice to men as well. Humans are visually wired, and men on average are even more visually wired than women. Like it or not, there really is a thing called physical attraction and God made it that way.

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Just read the Song of Solomon if you want a biblical example of physical attraction. If you stink, if you look unhealthy, or if you generally just look disheveled most days, guys are going to find it harder to find you attractive. If you want a guy who takes care of himself, then you have to require the same from yourself.

Generally speaking people pair off with other people who have similar style and grooming habits as themselves. People who care about their appearance too much attract people who care about their appearance too much. And people who have respect for themselves and try to live a healthy lifestyle attract other people who do the same.

Frequent Cause of Divorce: The Wimpy Guy

Your appearance is not the most important way to get a date, but Christian guys are still guys. They have eyes and are attracted to beauty.

Once we take on shame, we make the misguided decision that our true defective self must be hidden, so we create a new false self to protect us through life. The false selves that humans create are countless, but the most common ones I see are rebel, procrastinator, lazy, blamer, over-achiever, perfectionist and, of course, the pleaser.

Pleasers exist in our society in the millions, and you will find them in both genders. So they conclude something like: So while the pleaser gives selflessly, he receives little and resents intensely, and this creates the fertile ground on which he and his wife will present in therapy - usually in one of two scenarios:.

The wife is no longer sexually attracted to her husband or he has become from her perspective asexual. She wants him to take charge, to make plans, have a strong opinion, exhibit passion about life and her, to take a stand against people who treat them unfairly, to be more adventurous or take a business risk, or to just "be more of a man.

The pleaser has been waiting for his partner to figure him out and meet his needs, but she hasn't because she cannot read minds.

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Stored resentment becomes combustible and one day he erupts like a volcano, suddenly spewing the brutal truth about what an inconsiderate, selfish, cruel and horrible woman he is married to. He either wants out or will stay and enter into a period of self-absorption, noncooperation and hostility. Men often make the misguided decision that what women want is a super-nice man who helps, gives and accommodates, and they truly believe that life will be more peaceful if they let the woman have her way.

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But all you have to do to find out what makes a woman hot under the collar is to pick up any romance novel and read about the hero - he's always a sexually passionate man who is kind, but strong. He is wildly attracted to his woman, he takes charge, knows what he wants, is determined, action-oriented, always has a plan, and will go to the end of the earth and slay dragons to show his love for and protect his lady.

His woman feels totally adored, cherished and safe by his side. This, at the end of the day, is a slightly exaggerated version of what most women want in a man. If a man is kind and strong, it allows us to be feminine, which is our natural set point. I'm also 5'4" and tiny. No I wouldn't date a guy my size. I like masculinity, and small men don't do it for me. I feel bad for you, but not enough to date you. I'll be perfectly honest with you, I would never date someone that much shorter then me.

Maybe an inch but not 2 inches shorter. The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!

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  • Question for the women: Would you date a small wimpy guy? I've always been small and weak for a guy only around 5'4.

    The Biggest Mistake Wimpy Men Make

    There are even a lot of woman that are taller and stronger then me. This has occasionally led to me being picked on. I recently had a humiliating experience at a party when a stronger girl tackled me to the floor and then restrained me by pinning me down siting on my chest and holding my arms down.